Costa Rica FAQs

I spent 8 weeks traveling in Costa Rica. Here are a few common questions.

  • Why? How?
    • My lease was ending in Dallas, TX and I work remote. Instead of moving to another US city, I decided to pick an international destination to live for a few months. Costa Rica is safe, inexpensive, and has a lot to do.
  • Can I drive in Costa Rica?
    • Yes, with a valid drivers license. They drive on the same side of the road as the States.
  • How did you rent a car?
    • I used Alamo & Economy. You will need to purchase additional, required government insurance on top of the daily rental car rate. Ask for the minimum coverage.
  • What about navigation?
    • Waze (recommended) & Google Maps.
  • What about other transportation?
    • Bus, Uber, Shared Shuttle, Taxi, and Private Transfer are available – listed from cheapest to most expensive. I mostly used Uber & Shared Shuttle. Uber is mostly available in San Jose, and is the cheapest private option. I recommend using Interbus shared shuttle for long distances. They offer door-to-door pickup/dropoff & have great customer service!
    • I used bike rentals once in town.
  • Is Costa Rica safe?
    • Yes. The places I felt least safe were San Jose & Tamarindo, but the most common crime in the area is petty theft.
  • Where did you stay?
  • How do you book excursions?
    • I used Airbnb experiences, Viator, and in-person vendors.
  • What excursions do you recommend?
    • All of them! There’s so many to choose from. Canyoning, hiking, zip lining, ATVs, nature tours, horseback riding, tubing, rafting, catamaran tours, chocolate tours, coffee tours, cooking classes, mixology classes, scuba diving, snorkeling, & more!

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  1. Hey…Saw your Post on BTM and was like, Lord..Thank you. Me and 3 of my childhood friends are going next mth for his 5th Bday (5th-9th). Stayin at an Airbnb in Athens, Alajuela. We are trying to figure out a few thing out, mainly Transportation, Covid test, etc…email me with any info that will help, please and Thank you.

  2. Lol…50th Bday.

  3. Sydney

    I am thinking of traveling to Costa Rica at the end of December. Would you recommend waiting to book excursions when I get to Costa Rica or booking most of it in advance. Thank you in advance!

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