AshleyThe first daughter with two older brothers, I was born at home. Fast forward a few years and I was simply another mouth to feed in a Catholic household overflowing with 9 (yes nine) children. Five boys and four girls later, my parents could officially have their own soccer team. It was crazy, but it was home.

Stepping into my sophomore year of college, I found myself face-to-face with my then future husband. To this day, he swears he remembers what I was wearing. Me? I remember he was an arrogant guy fresh out of the Army that liked himself a little too much. But, with all his witty humor and charm, we quickly became friends. I even let him take me on a date. But the timing wasn’t right and we soon parted ways.

In the fall of 2005 as Hurricane Rita was barreling towards the Texas Gulf Coast, I welcomed my first son, Bryce, into the world. A single mom still in college, I worked nights at a casino and with the help of my family, managed to finish my degree in Marketing.

Less than a year after graduation and with a little help from social media, I began working as a destination marketer in the travel industry. To my family & friends, I “play on Facebook all day.” In reality, I manage the CVB’s vast array of social media channels, along with a multitude of other acronyms that make me sound like a total nerd – SEO, CRM, CMS, HTML. (It’s all really glamorous.)

As fate would have it, Ryan and I crossed paths again – many times, in fact, before we finally began dating. A few short months later, we were engaged & then quickly married. Our son, Kade, was born before we celebrated our one year anniversary. With the addition of our third child, King Leonidas (a Great Dane puppy & also a boy), I proudly adopted the title of boy mom.

Now fully-immersed in the life of a boy mom, I find myself ushering the boys to and from soccer practice, Cub Scouts, school and various functions. When I’m not managing the house as a mom and wife, I like to spend the weekends running obstacle course races with my husband and participating in CrossFit competitions. Otherwise, you’ll find me spending time with my extremely large, loud & sarcastic family.

God has thrown me a few curve balls along the way, but He’s seen me through each of them. For now, this is my life. I’m on the hunt for my next adventure and wondering what God has planned next.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. I love it. You were never “just another mouth to feed”. Always loved and always cherished. A born natural talent at many things. Beautiful and happy. A gifted writer, with a forgiving nature. I love you to the moon and back and you are more than a boy mom, you are a great mom, a great aunt, sister, sister-in-law and more. Mom

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