Two WODs of The CrossFit Open Down & I’m Not Done Yet

We’re officially two WODs into the 2014 CrossFit Open in preparation for the CrossFit Games to be held later this year.

When 14. 1 was released, some rejoiced. Others, not so much. I can remember thinking to myself, “Well, maybe I’ll get lucky & it’ll be a good day for me when it comes to double unders.” Truth be told, mine are hit or miss. Some days, I’m able to knock out 30+ unbroken. And some, I’m lucky to get two. Needless-to-say, I’m still working on those.

It’s probably safe to assume the vast majority of athletes who are new to CrossFit, had to be convinced to sign up for The Open to begin with. (I was one of those myself.) And, a pretty good amount of them are probably thinking to themselves right about now, “What a waste of my money.”

If this is you, STOP.

Take a step back and remember what CrossFit is about. It’s about you and your goals. It’s about always pushing yourself to that next level – whatever that may be for you. Is your goal to RX everything? Or is it to just become proficient at double unders? Whatever it is, rest assured The Open is helping you accomplish those goals, even if you can’t see that right now.

Did you manage to complete 14.1? Did your double unders improve? Did you at the very least work your butt off practicing them? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, it was worth your $20. Period.

14.2 was announced last night. As usual, I attended 5:00 am this morning & gave it a shot. You know what? I only scored 37. But you know what else? That was 27 more than I expected. I can do pull-ups. For me, that’s a strong point. But, I’ve never done chest to bar pull-ups before today. Progress!

Before The Open, each time chest to bar was introduced into a WOD as RX, I would immediately count myself out, saying, “Well, I know I can’t do those. Guess I’m not RXing today.”

Wrong attitude.

Maybe you can’t RX chest to bar. Maybe you can’t RX standard kipping pull-ups. Does that mean you should stop working on them? Stop striving for progress? Hell no. It simply means you try. You push yourself.

My first CrossFit competition.

My first CrossFit competition.

The thing about The Open and CrossFit competitions in general is that it does push you. It breaks your mental barrier to allow your physical body to do far more than you ever thought possible.

I’m new to CrossFit, but I speak from experience. My first time to ever try max pull-ups was in a competition. I did 21 & placed 2nd in that particular WOD. I had no clue I had it in me to do that many pull-ups. Hell, my coach had to tell me one day to stop using a band because, I could do pull-ups. I, of course, quickly told him, “No I can’t.” After class, he made me try pull-ups unassisted and I did 5. Mentally, my mind was made up. Physically, my body said, “Look out girl, I got this.”

That’s what CrossFit is about. Breaking physical and mental barriers.

CrossFit is far more than physical limitations. It’s mental grit. Whether that’s having the dedication to get up at 4:30 am 5 days a week to have a WOD kick your butt, or one day becoming an elite athlete. We all have barriers. We all have goats. How you choose to obliterate those is up to you. Bottom line: CrossFit is Tough. You’re Tougher.

For me, I’m pushing through this thing. We’re two WODs down & I’m not ranking anywhere near where I want to be. All that tells me is I need to push harder and strategize differently. I plan to re-do 14.2. Maybe I’ll do better, maybe not. But one thing I do know – I can always use practice on overhead squats and chest to bar pull-ups.

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